The Chronicles of Ollundra: Hunters Hunted
Hi Guys,

My next project is approaching pre production and to help us gain the momentum I'm looking to grow the films community.

The film itself is a dark fantasy which follows the exploits of an assassin and his plans to take on a band of merciless killers.

The story includes several interweaving plots and will feature as the opening film in a series of interlinking movies that will lead to a major cross over movie with the heroes of the previous films.

The setting of Ollundra was created by myself and to date we have eight different major heroes written and developed for the project with Khellus being the first.

Please pop over to the projects facebook and see whats happening and if you like what you see then please drop us a like and share.

You can find out more details via the links below.

In the meantime we are still looking for experienced crew, producers and distributors for the project.

The project will be paid at equity rates and is slated for filming in 2018.