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Welcome to UK Film Network

Film business online everyday. Connect, confer, collaborate.

Who we are

UK FILM NETWORK was established with the aim of helping the UK film community collaborate and grow online.  

The new platform was launched in January 2021, with the aim of bringing the community closer together and support the community through challenging times.

We have a very low cost monthly membership which covers the software development and hosting costs. We also have an APP which is free to members and this combines messaging, promotion, articles and micro-networks. We encourage events and help with your invitations by integrating your zoom account and issuing reminders.

Why You Should Join Us

We all need support, we all need others to achieve our goals, we can’t do it alone. Here, you’ll be with like minded people who want to help others in their productions.

If you're looking for crew for your film, or performers, then simply post an article in the main network or a private one of your own, and you'll receive direct interest. Alternatively doing a search for those local to the location is a simply click of a button.

We want to connect people together in a way that is more effective and targeted.

But it's about more than jobs and collaborating. 

We want to inspire, motivate and launch creative ideas by getting great minds together. We'll break the ice, we'll introduce and connect and most of all promote your projects and profiles on other social media platforms. Your success is our success.

Let's get 2021 off to a great start. Join us and help us grow this organically and with the best professionals. Invite your network, colleagues, cast and crew. 


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