The arrival of online programming
Hi all,

A question for the film makers out there - I may not have been alone in spitting a quiet revolution occurring from online streaming firms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. Now the move to this type of programming can only be positive in that it gives us all yet another avenue to practice our art - but the most interesting part of this was when I was watching the Third Series of Ripper Street. Now the reason I find this so interesting is that this used to be a BBC series - 50 minute long episodes. But when streamed I noticed that each episode was a different length. I checked up and this is because the channel streaming it has said now that people watch this stuff at their own pace, there is no need to regulate episode length any more.

Now I know how frustrated directors get having to cut scenes to hit episode length and I wonder whether the consensus of opinion is that this is a good thing or if it means the possibility of lazy editing.

What do you think?