Horror style writer looking for suitable people to look at scripts..... (facebook.com)

Looking for movie minded people interested in looking at my ideas.
With the rise of the bedbug population causing havoc in America, I've
had many people write to me saying they think my bedbugs story would
make a great movie. Elijah Wood's movie company - Spectrevision - saw
something in my idea. They asked to read the script but it was refused
partly down to it being too violent. More recently a movie producer
asked to option it, but after two months of negotiations he backed
off. Maybe my story about man-eating tiny insects is cursed? or maybe,
just maybe it needs someone brave enough to take it on. I know i'm not
known, nor are my stories, but does that mean they aren't good enough to
be seen on screen? I just need someone with the same vision as me.
Someone who can see my story the way I see it. If that person comes
along then my bedbugs will become one of the better made horror insect
stories to hit our screens. Get in touch if you think you know or are
that someone. I have other stories, with a killer rats novel, turned
into script due for release. A serial killer thriller where a cat
becomes the hero, a vampire, dark/comedy horror, where twins are taken
by two vampire clans and raised as their own. A zombie western story,
where cowboys and Indians have to team up to fight a bigger enemy, and a
zombie drama about the town of Clifton Falls, where a man-made error
becomes the reason why the dead are rising to feast on the living......

Recently I wrote a script about a young boy who finds a key that leads him to a magical, cartoon world. Think 'NARNIA & BRIDGE TO TERRIBITHIA'.....It's getting interest, but so far it's not been optioned.